Hall Lane and Station Road Collisions Programme - Proposed Safety Improvements

Closed 10 Mar 2023

Opened 17 Feb 2023


Havering Council is looking for your views on a proposed safety improvement scheme for Hall Lane and Station Road in Upminster.

It follows a feasibility study that was carried out and found that up to 1,500 vehicles per hour use Hall Lane by Bird Lane with speeds of up to 60 mph regularly recorded.  Further analysis of collision records showed that there have been a total of 43 personal injury collisions (PICs) along Hall Lane and Station Road over a five-year period.  Of these 43 PICs, 1 was fatal, 6 were serious; 5 involved pedestrians and 8 occurred during the hours of darkness.

With funding being provided by the Mayor of London’s Transport for London office (TfL), we can now look at a proposed scheme including the following: raised pelican crossing, raised zebra crossing, raised pedestrian traffic island, mini roundabouts; speed table with tactile paving, speed tables; road markings and road signs as shown on the attached plans.

  • Raised Pelican Crossing
  • Raised Zebra Crossing
  • Raise Pedestrian Traffic Island
  • Mini Roundabouts
  • Speed Table with Tactile Paving
  • Speed Tables
  • Road Markings
  • Road Signs

We would like to have your comments on these proposals.  The relevant notice of proposals and plans can be seen below, and along with the public consultation letter, can all also be found in the related documents section further below.

Any person desiring to object to the proposals or make other representation should send a statement in writing and the grounds thereof to Senior Schemes Engineer, Traffic and Parking, Town Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM1 3BB, or by email at schemes@havering.gov.uk, quoting reference QV007 to arrive by Friday 10 March 2023.

What happens next

Your comments will be noted and taken into consideration when presenting the final report to the Council’s Lead Member for Environment and any issues will be addressed at that time.


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