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  • Havering Open Spaces Byelaws Consultation

    The Council is responsible for public parks, open spaces, and gardens in the Borough. On the whole, the way people behave in these places is currently covered by byelaws, which aim to ensure that everyone is able to use the spaces and without causing any problems for other users. The...

    Opens 5 June 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

As part of Havering’s upcoming All-Age Carers Strategy in partnership with North East London Integrated Care System, we asked Carers around the borough about their experience.

We also asked Carers whether they agreed on our proposed priorities that have emerged from other engagement activities.  These were:


  1.  Information and Advice
  2.  Identification and Assessments of Carers
  3.  Respite and a break from the caring role
  4.  Access to GP appointments
  5.  Hospital discharge pathways
  6.  Awareness of Carers (e.g. in the community, workplace and schools)

You said

125 Responses were received to the consultation.


  • Over 38% of respondents care for their partner, with a further 35% caring for their parent and most respondents live with the person they care for.


  • The three most popular proposed strategy priorities were:  Access to information and advice, Access to GP appointments and Respite/breaks from the caring role.  


  • The overall majority of respondents (100%) agreed with our proposed priorities.


  • 60% of respondents didn’t propose any additional priorities and some respondents suggested additional priorities such as Carers Allowance benefit increase and help applying for grants and benefits. 


  • 44% of respondents are registered on the Council’s Carers Register, with many others unaware this channel of support existed.


  • The majority of respondents (64%) are certain that their GP knew about their caring role.

We did

These results will now be included in a report to inform our new Carers Strategy.

We asked

Havering Council carried out a consultation activity from February to March 2023 seeking residents’ views on proposed changes to  Havering's Complaints Policy.

We asked residents and service users for their views on how we can improve the way we deal with complaints by proposing an update to our customer contact definitions. 

Alongside this we are proposing to merge all of our policies into one easy to understand process that reduces the number of stages, allowing us to focus on what matters most – getting it right first time.

Our proposed Six Aims to achieve this are:


  1. Start off right
  2. Fix it early
  3. Focus on what matters
  4. Be fair
  5. Be honest
  6. Learn from complaints and improve service delivery across the organisation

You said

31 responses were received to the consultation, of which 17 (55%) stated they had made a complaint to the Council.


  • The overwhelming majority (100%) of respondents agreed with our ‘Getting It Right First Time’ approach, and 90% felt our proposed Six Aims show a commitment to this approach.
  • 90% said they felt our proposed changes were fair and reasonable.
  • 71% said they felt our proposed customer contact definitions are easy to understand.
  • The majority of respondents (49%) would prefer an officer reviews and signs off their complaint, 16% would prefer the Lead Member for the topic of their complaint and 35% said they do not place any importance on this, as long as they receive a full response to their complaint.
  • Almost half of respondents (45%) expect to receive a response within 15 days, 16% within 20 days and 39% of respondents expect a response within 25 days.  Of the respondents who had previously made a complaint to the Council, 59% expect a response within 15 days, 6% within 20 days and 35% within 25 days.

We did

The survey results, along with feedback from authorising bodies and other local authorities, are being reviewed and will be included in a report to inform our new Complaints Policy.

We asked

The release of sky lanterns is causing a major impact on the environment and a danger to human and animal life due to wild fires.  Over 188 Councils have already banned the release of sky lanterns from their land, including neighbouring authorities such as Essex County Council and the London Borough of Redbridge.

There are similar risks associated with the outdoor release of helium balloons, and unauthorised fireworks displays.

Havering Council carried out a consultation activity from January 2023 to February 2023 to ask the public for their thoughts and comments on banning the following activities from Council owned and managed land:


  • the release and sale of sky lanterns
  • the release of helium balloons
  • unauthorised firework displays

You said

512 responses were received to the consultation.  The majority of responses were fully supportive of the Council’s proposals.

Sky Lanterns

  • 95% of respondents said they were aware that sky lanterns are harmful to the environment and wildlife.
  • 94% would like the Council to consider banning the release of sky lanterns from Council owned and managed land.
  • 94% would like the Council to consider refusing the sale of sky lanterns at any Council events.

Helium Balloons

  • 90% of respondents said they were aware that the release of helium balloons are a source of littering and can be harmful to wildlife.
  • 91% would like the Council to consider banning the release of helium balloons from Council owned and managed land.


  • 89% of respondents agree that Havering Council should prohibit unauthorised firework displays on council owned or managed land.

We did

Havering's Cabinet met on 8 March 2023 and agreed to adopt a policy on the Release of Sky Lanterns, the Release of Helium Balloons and the Unauthorised Use of Fireworks on Council Owned or Managed Land.  Please see more information Here which includes the policy.