Consultation on the proposal to establish a Maintained Nursery Provision at Scargill Infants School

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Closes 22 Oct 2021

Consultation on the proposal

1. Are you?
2. Do you support the proposal to establish a maintained nursery at the school?
3. I support the proposal to establish the nursery provision for the following reason(s)
4. In order of preference, were 1 indicates you most preferred option and 3 the least, please tell us which of the options below is the most preferable to help us determine and set up the flexible nursery provision needed in the area.
5. I do not support the proposal to expand this school(s) for the following reason(s)
6. Equality questions

The Council has a commitment to understanding the views, needs and wants of different members of the community in Havering.  To ensure the needs of all our residents are taken into account, we ask you to complete the following monitoring form. 

Why monitor?

This information helps the council to deliver better services, make decisions based on evidence about the local population and meet its duties under equalities legislation.

The information collected allows us to form accurate understanding of our residents and their needs and helps us to protect them from unfair treatment. 

How will issues of confidentiality be addressed?

We understand that residents are protective of their personal information however The Council has a duty to collect and monitor certain information.

The information provided will be protected by The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) that ensures The Council and its employees protect the confidentiality of data collected from individuals.

None of the data will be presented in such a way that identifies individuals, without prior consent. 

For more information on Havering's data privacy please see here.

Do I have to complete the form?

Completion of the form is optional and there are no penalties for not providing equality information. 

7. How old are you?
8. Gender
9. Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or health condition?

If you have answered 'yes' please tick the box(s) below that best describe your impairment.  This information helps us improve access to our services

10. Ethnic origin is not about nationality, place of birth or citizenship. It is about the group to which you perceive you belong.

Please select from one of the drop-down lists below

11. Are you pregnant or have you given birth in the last 26 weeks?