Consultation on the proposal to establish a Maintained Nursery Provision at Scargill Infants School

Closed 22 Oct 2021

Opened 13 Sep 2021


Scargill Infant School, part of the Hornchurch Academy Trust, is seeking to establish a maintained nursery.  This consultation document sets out the proposal to implement a maintained nursery at Scargill Infant school.


Why your views matter

This is an opportunity for parents, carers, staff, the local community and other people who have an interest in the school to express their views, respond to the outlined options and ask questions on the proposal to establish the nursery.


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What happens next

The final decision as to whether this proposal is approved for implementation will be made by the Regional Schools Commissioner on behalf of the Department for Education. The process for making significant changes to academies can be viewed in more detail here: 





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