Rainham and Beam Park Consultation

Closed 3 Jul 2020

Opened 15 Jun 2020


Since June 2015, Rainham and Beam Park has been identified as one of the GLA’s new ‘Housing Zones’. As part of this allocation the Rainham and Beam Park Regeneration LLP are proposing the development of three sites to deliver approximately 160 new homes and the relocation of the Silver Hall Social Club, as well as associated landscape works. The three sites are: 

  1. NR06a - 143 New Road
  2. NR06b - 149-153 New Road
  3. NR02/02 - 195-205 New Road and 1-7 Cherry Tree Lane

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If you would like to see a video on the proposals for Rainham and Beam Park, please click here: https://youtu.be/mpwL591Ddho




Why your views matter

We’d like for you to give your views on the proposal for the three sites, especially what you think of the designs for the new homes, the new location for Silver Hall Social Club, landscaping and open space, as well as the wider development in the area.


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