Planning Application Local Validation List Consultation

Closed 29 Jan 2022

Opened 3 Nov 2021


A validation list tells people who are submitting planning applications what supporting information will be needed. It also provides advice on the detail and scope of that information, as the information required will be dependent on the scale and nature of the proposal. 

The list is divided into two sections, the national validation requirements and the local validation requirements. The national requirements are set by central government and are the same across all Local Planning Authorities in England. The local validation requirements relate specifically to planning applications submitted to Havering Council. Applications that do not include the information set out within the local or national list that is relevant to the application will not be treated as a valid submission.

This consultation considers only the local validation lists although some national validation list details are included to provide a more rounded picture. This consultation is to inform our thinking on the lists.

Draft householder application validation list

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Draft validation list for all applications except householders applications

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Why your views matter

Legislation sets out that Local Planning Authorities must publish a local validation list for applications and review it every two years. We are carrying out this 6-week consultation because significant time has passed since the previous consultation and because there are a number of changes since then.

These include the publication of the London Plan on 2 March 2021, and the Havering Local Plan reaching an advanced stage with its review by the Planning Inspector who has found the Local Plan ‘sound’, and the proposal to present the consolidated plan for formal adoption by the Cabinet in November.

What happens next

We will review the feedback and the AD Planning will consider if the documents need to be amended.


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  • Businesses
  • Communities


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