Rapid testing survey

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Closes 14 Apr 2021


Information on rapid COVID-19 testing

One in three people with coronavirus do not have symptoms. Twice a week testing will play a key role in helping protect others as we come out of lockdown restrictions.

Currently, everyone who cannot work from home and those within the school bubble including secondary school pupils, staff and parents are being asked to test twice a week. This will continue as restrictions are lifted with more people having to leave their homes.

Routine asymptomatic testing will play a vital role in protecting those we meet with, and in ensuring that lockdown restrictions can be lifted safely.

Please also note that having the vaccine means you should be protected against the worst effects of COVID-19, but you are not immune. You should still undertake COVID-19 testing as appropriate. 

1. Do you fall into any of these groups?

Please tick all that apply

2. Are you currently testing regularly for COVID-19? (At least once per week)
3. Have you received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine?