Proposed changes to non-residential care charging policy

Closed 2 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020


This consultation is being conducted to consider residents' opinions on the proposed changes to the non-residential care charging policy.

Section 14 of the Care Act 2014 gives local authorities discretionary powers to charge for care and support services provided to service users and carers.   Where a local authority applies the discretion to charge, which the London Borough of Havering has, it must follow the Care and Support (Charging and Assessment Resources) Regulations 2014 and have regard to the Care and Support Statutory Guidance (October 2014) in determining its charging policy.

In accordance with the Care & Support Statutory Guidance, the Council is proposing to make changes to the way that it charges for non-residential care services (sometimes referred to as domiciliary care services), which includes the following services;

  • Home care Services
  • Day Opportunities
  • Transport Services (to and from day care centres)
  • Direct Payments for personal care and support 

The proposed changes to the charging policy are in accordance with the parameters for charging set out in the Care Act 2014, and the Care and Statutory Support Guidance. 

Why your views matter

We are anticipating a budget gap of more than £37m over the next four years. This shortfall is against a backdrop of significant reductions in central government funding and an increase in demand for our services. The purpose of the proposed change is to help adult social care services and care providers to become more financially sustainable and to carry on helping people who need those services the most while sustaining the level of quality of these services.

It is being proposed that from 1st April 2020 the Council will start charging from the date that the care package starts.  This will mean the first invoice issued will include backdated fees for a capped period of time to be determined following consultation.  At present charges commence from the point of fee notification.


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