Adult Social Care Information and Advice Survey - PART B

Closed 12 Jun 2022

Opened 6 May 2022


Welcome to Adult Social Care Information and Advice Survey.

The ASC Information and Advice Workgroup is a stakeholder review group formed to co-ordinate and oversee the Information and Advice Provision in Adult Social Care, as a result of a council-wide information and advice review in 2019.  This includes ensuring we fulfil our statutory duties under the Care Act 2014, align with the Adult Social Care strengths based practice approach, as well as adhering to corporate strategy. 

The outcomes have included an updated and continuously developing Adult Social Care website to improve the user experience and increase number of users. The accuracy and easy accessibility of information and advice available to local residents is of upmost importance.

This survey is delivered to volunteers in two parts over the course of two weeks. Each part contains 6 scenarios to be completed and submitted over the course of each week. 

Please take the time to complete this survey as accurately as possible. Bearing in mind that the information provided will help Havering Adult Social Care identify action to be taken to improve the user experience.

Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your feedback is invaluable and your willingness to engage in this voluntary survey is very much appreciated!


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  • Social Care
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