Beam Park Station Travel Survey

Closes 9 Aug 2024

Opened 9 Jul 2024


Havering Council has been actively advocating for the construction of a new railway station in Beam Park, which will be located adjacent to the existing C2C railway line. 

The station will be strategically positioned midway between Dagenham Dock and Rainham.  This iniative aims to significantly enhance transportation accessibility for both current and future residents in the area, including those living in future planned housing developments.


By improving public transport options, the Council hopes to support the growing community and facilitate easier, more efficient travel.

MP Smarter Travel and Havering Borough Council are committed to protecting your data privacy.  Your questionnaire responses regarding Beam Park train station will be used solely for research and planning purposes and will not be misused.  We assure you that all data will be handled in accordance with GDPR regulations and that your personal information will remain confidential and secure. 

We will be holding drop-in events on these dates:


There's further details at the bottom of the page and you can also view the leaflet we are distributing.

Why your views matter

Your participation in this questionnaire is crucial for Havering Borough Council's transportation planning efforts.  By gathering detailed information on your current travel habits, interest in utilising a potential station at Beam Park, and your opinions on active and sustainable travel, we aim to make informed decisions that will benefit the community.  Your input will help shape the future of transportation in the area, ensuring that it meets the needs of residents and promotes sustainable travel options.  

Thank you for your participation and for contributing to the future of transportation in Havering. 

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