Shepherds Hill Parking Questionnaire

Closed 15 Sep 2023

Opened 25 Aug 2023


Following reports of obstructive and inconsiderate parking, Havering Council is proposing the introduction of double yellow lines on Shepherds Hill.

Before progressing to a design stage, we would like to hear from residents of Shepherds Hill as to whether they would be supportive of ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions being introduced outside their properties. This will enable us to consider the extent of any proposed restrictions.

Please note that we are not considering proposing intermittent sections of waiting restrictions across individual properties. Instead, any proposal will be for continuous restrictions in sections of Shepherds Hill where the majority of residents within that section, have been supportive of such measures.

Residents are asked to take into consideration that whilst you may not be currently experiencing parking issues outside your property, any introduction of parking restrictions may disperse these nuisance vehicles out to a wider area.

Why your views matter

Your feedback and the responses to this survey will enable us to consider the extent of any formally proposed waiting restrictions on Shepherds Hill.




What happens next

The Council will review all responses to this questionnaire and the results will help determine the extents (if any) of double yellow lines that will be proposed in any future proposals. 


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