Havering Council parking proposal to remove 50% discount for unsuccessful appeals and challenges

Closed 31 May 2024

Opened 3 May 2024


Within the Council's approved Budget for 2024/5, it was agreed in principle to amend some of the charges and discounts to parking and moving traffic contravention Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).

We are seeking your views on our proposal and how you think it might affect you, and would also like to give you the opportunity to add any other comments about parking and moving traffic contravention enforcement in Havering. 

The Council undertakes parking and moving traffic enforcement to: 

  • Increase compliance 
  • Support wider transport policy and other policy objectives 
  • Ensure parking spaces provide convenience, ease of access, support local businesses, safeguard space for deliveries and support the vitality of town centres 
  • Improve road safety 
  • Ensure space for people with disabilities and those who depend entirely on car use 

The Council is also under an obligation to run its enforcement operations efficiently, effectively and economically. This means we are required to take steps to encourage payment and pursue debt when payment is not made.  

PCN Charges 

The purpose of penalty charges is to dissuade motorists from breaking parking and moving traffic restrictions. Ideally, there would be 100% compliance, with no PCNs issued, however, in general, the Council issues around 15,000 PCNs every month. 

A PCN is reduced in price by 50% if it is paid within 14 days of issue and our proposals have no plans to change this discount.

However, the current regime in Havering also means that if a challenge or appeal to a PCN is received within the 14 day discount period, and is unsuccessful (ie that the Council has considered there are no grounds for cancellation), the 50% discount is re-offered for a further 14 days.  

There is data to suggest that reoffering the discount has led to a very high number of speculative challenges. About 30% of all PCNs are challenged / appealed against, whereas only about 10% of all PCNs are cancelled. To remove the re-offered discount would significantly reduce challenges and the cost of administration in the back office processing team and mean only those with genuine reasons for challenge, would challenge. 

The Council therefore intends to remove this re-offered discount and we would like to hear your views on this.


Why your views matter

Your views are very important to us.  The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and will close on Friday 31st May 2024.


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