Bernwelle Avenue Area Parking Questionnaire

Closes 8 Dec 2023

Opened 17 Nov 2023


Havering Council would like you to share your views regarding existing parking arrangements and any changes you would like considered in the above roads.

A review has not taken place since the Council adopted these roads and it is aware that some residents may be experiencing issues, possibly due to the lack of waiting restrictions on junctions and bends.

The Council wants to look into what measures could be put in place to try and resolve any issues and improve road safety and traffic flow. A plan showing proposed waiting restrictions is attached at the bottom of this page.

Please note that we would like to make clear that any scheme implemented will be externally funded following successful bids, as such all funding is ring-fenced and cannot be used elsewhere in the Council.

Why your views matter

The survey will provide residents an opportunity to comment on the proposed waiting restrictions as well as advising us of any additional concerns or requests you may have.

The feedback received will enable us to assertain any existing parking issues that may need addressing. 



Bernwelle Avenue Area Parking


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