Beam Park Parking Review

Closed 23 Oct 2023

Opened 29 Sep 2023


Following significant development in the local area, the Council is keen to hear the views of residents in regards to the current parking situation in your road and any issues you may be experiencing.

We are aware that some roads are experiencing long term, non-residential parking and therefore one of the measures being considered is a ‘residents only parking scheme’. This would prioritise parking for residents during certain hours.

Residents are also asked to consider that while you may not be currently experiencing parking problems, if measures are introduced in some other areas, it could disperse vehicles into your road.

Furthermore, the ongoing development at Beam Park and the possibility of a new train station could affect parking nearby.

If residents in any road choose not to be part of a potential parking zone, the Council cannot guarantee if it would be able to revisit this in the future and would encourage residents to have their say in this questionnaire.  

Why your views matter

Any views on the questionnaire will help us to see where parking issues are and where there is residential support for parking measures to be introduced.

Subsequently, this information will allow us to look at the extents of any future proposals and the level of funding required.




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