Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Closes 31 Mar 2024

Opened 19 Oct 2023


Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) 

What they are 

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) are part of a huge overhaul of social housing regulations, to help us understand the needs and preferences of our tenants and let all residents know how well we are doing at providing quality homes and services. 

All social housing landlords in England need to speak to and survey their tenants to report on the TSMs from April 2024. The survey questions are designed to see how well we are performing across five key areas: 

  • keeping properties in good repair  
  • maintaining building & tenant safety  
  • effective complaints handling  
  • respectful and helpful tenant engagement  
  • responsible neighbourhood management. 

Why your views matter

Why it’s important  

The results of the survey will: 

  • provide better insight into our performance and the quality of our services 
  • help us understand the needs of our tenants and tailor our services to meet expectations 
  • identify where we can improve our services 

Further information about the survey

How the survey will be done? 

We are working with Service Insightshttps://www.serviceinsights.co.uk on behalf of https://www.housemark.co.uk, to survey a representative sample of tenants. 

600 tenants will complete the survey on the phone during November 2023. 

You don't have to take part but please do if you can as it is important that we hear your views.

For tenants taking part, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved into your home, or don’t use all the services discussed. It’s important that we hear everybody’s views.  

All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence. They will only be used to monitor the quality of the Housing Service provided by Havering Council. 

It is important to get honest feedback from our residents, so if you do receive a call from Service Insights and you have the time, please answer the questions as best you can. 

If you don’t receive a call but would like to give your feedback please let us know by emailing serviceimprovement@havering.gov.uk 

What happens next 

All the responses to the survey will be analysed and results will be used to calculate annual tenant satisfaction measures. A full report will be published on this page in 2024 and will be used as part of our annual government returns.      



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