Private Sector Housing Satisfaction Survey

Closes 31 Dec 2025

Opened 1 Jan 2021


Following a homeless assessment, the London Borough of Havering has provided you with temporary accommodation using a Private Sector Leased (PSL) property.  

The Temporary Accommodation Team are responsible for the management of your property and your tenancy. We want you to be happy in your home and feel that you have been appropriately supported to maintain your tenancy.  

So that we can improve services to families and individuals living in PSL properties we are seeking your feedback now that you have lived in your accommodation for nine months.  This survey will help us understand your experiences and thoughts to ensure that we provide you with an excellent service. We also want to determine any areas where our service needs improvement. 

Your answers may be shared with other service areas within the Local Authority to improve customer service. If your answers suggest you need further support or assistance, you could be contacted by relevant services. 

Thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey. Your feedback is important to us.



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