Havering Road collision reduction programme

Closed 5 Jan 2024

Opened 8 Dec 2023


We would like to hear your views on a proposed safety improvement scheme for Havering Road.

It follows a feasibility study that was carried out and found that up to 1,300 vehicles per hour use Havering Road with speeds of up to 50 mph regularly recorded.  Further analysis of collision records showed that there have been a total of thirty personal injury accidents (PIAs) recorded along Havering Road between Kiln Wood Lane and Collier Row Lane over a five-year period.  Of these thirty PIAs, one was fatal, six were serious; two involved pedestrians and twelve occurred during the hours of darkness.

With funding being provided by the Mayor of London’s Transport for London office (TfL), we can now look at a proposed scheme including the following: raised pelican crossing, raised pedestrian traffic island, raised speed table, uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points, kerb adjustments, vehicle activated sign, street lighting upgrade, mini roundabout narrowing hatching, hatch and slow markings as shown on the attached plans.

Why your views matter

Your comments on the proposals would be welcomed and should be sent in writing via email to  schemes@havering.gov.uk to be received by Friday 29 December 2023.

Please note it is not possible to answer individual points raised at this stage, however your comments will be noted and taken into consideration when presenting the final report to the Council’s Lead Member for Environment.  Any issues will be addressed at that time.

All comments received are open to public inspection and the report will be made public.  If you need any more information, please email schemes@havering.gov.uk.  


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