Bower Park Academy Expansion Consultation

Closes 24 May 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019


Bower Park Academy has agreed to consult on a proposal to create additional secondary school places by expanding the school from 6FE to 7FE thereby increasing the school intake 180 to 210 places per year group from September 2020.

This consultation is for parents, carers, governors, staff, pupils of Bower Park Academy and any other persons who have an interest in the school to express their views or ask question on the proposed expansion.

The Consultation Document can be viewed here; Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Why We Are Consulting

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to plan and secure sufficient school places for their area to meet the needs of its children and families, and therefore it is obliged to plan for the expansion of its school capacity.

Births in Havering rose significantly from 2257 in 2002 to 3423 in 2016 and this has been reflected in higher primary school intakes in recent years. To meet the increased demand, an additional 5360 primary school places (reception-year 6) have been created across the borough in the last seven years. Secondary school intakes are starting to rise as a result of larger cohorts transfer from primary schools.  As such it is necessary to start the process of consulting on and implementing additional places in secondary schools in the borough to ensure that there are enough places available to meet demand

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