Havering Budget Consultation 2023

Closes 30 Dec 2022

Opened 14 Oct 2022


Havering Council provides a wide range of services to our communities, spending over £170m every year.

Some of those services, called statutory services, are ones which we must provide by law. Others, called discretionary services, are ones we can choose to provide. We know many of our services are highly valued by our residents but, as in recent years, we know we will have to make some difficult decisions during the setting of the budget to ensure resources continue to be prioritised and money is directed to where it is needed most.

We know that the proposals in this consultation will mean significant changes to what we do and how we do it, and that those changes will impact many residents. This consultation comes when our communities are feeling the effects of the social and economic pressures we face – some of which have been brought into sharper focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. These include rising costs, ever-increasing demand for services like health and social care, growing numbers of households, the impacts of climate change and the demographics of our borough meaning that we have the oldest population in London and in the past ten years our young person population has jumped 20%.

Why your views matter

As we move towards setting the budget for 2023/24, we are very keen to understand the views of our residents and key stakeholders. We are launching this budget consultation to give you the chance to tell us your views on how our budget proposals might impact you, the people you know and your neighbourhood and inform the final decisions we make.

This is a general consultation on the overall council budget for the financial year 2023/24.  In some areas, more detailed consultation will follow later.  Your feedback is important to us and will help us decide which services we prioritise and where we should look for savings.  We invite you to join us at these scheduled events:

The information collected via this questionnaire will only be used in relation to this topic and personal information collected will only be shared with our approved suppliers. For further information about how we handle your personal data please see privacy notice.

This questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. For any questions regarding this questionnaire or to request a hard copy, please email richard.tyler@onesource.co.uk

Please see the documents section below for a copy of the Budget Consultation Document.  This questionnaire will close on 30 December 2022.

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