Values Survey

Closes 29 Feb 2020

Opened 22 Jan 2020


Havering Council has commissioned the Campaign Company  to conduct a survey with local residents to help us better understand residents’ views of the local area and improve how the council communicates and engages with residents. 

The survey is usually conducted by phone, but there may be some minor face to face contact if we feel that not everyone is represented fairly, for example, if certain age ranges are underrepresented as the random survey of 1000 residents progresses.

The survey is not paid for by the Council and is from a grant by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Give Us Your Views

The Campaign Council will be randomly contacting individuals throughout the borough, mainly through telephone contact. If you wish to discuss any futher, please contact:

- Jerry Haley, Senior Community Development & Resilience Officer, 01708 434370

- Jess Finnin, Prevent & Hate Crime Officer, 01708 433225

- Emma Morris, Campaign Company, 020 8868 8065


  • Residents
  • Communities


  • Residents
  • Communities