Home to school travel assistance policy for 2020-21

Closes 2 Mar 2020

Opened 9 Jan 2020


We publish a policy on how we meet the travel assistance needs of children and young people in our borough every year.

What is travel assistance?

We can provide support to students who are eligible and need support in order to get to school or college. This support can be training young people to develop the skills to travel by themselves, supporting families to take their children to school and sometimes by providing direct transport services.

What is being proposed?

Read our frequently asked questions for parents/guardians to find out what we're proposing to change.

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The proposed policy can be read in full below. 

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

This public consultation seeks views on how we're proposing to deliver travel assistance services to children and young people from September 2020. We're interested in hearing from you about what we're proposing.

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