Personal Budgets & Direct Payments Policy & Guidance

Closed 20 Sep 2019

Opened 24 Jul 2019


Havering has developed draft Personal Budgets and Direct Payments guidance and policies to allow Parents, Families, Carers and Partners to gain a better understanding of, and increasing the use of Personal Budgets and Direct Payments.

The drafts developed to date follow discussion with Parents, Families, Carers and Partners as well as an analysis of the equivalent documents of other Local Authorities to help determine the best approach for Havering.

The draft Personal Budgets and Direct Payments guidance and policies were approved by Cabinet on 10th October 2018. At that meeting Cabinet asked that both sets of draft guidance and policies would be subject to appropriate consultation. 

Havering are seeking views from Parents, Families, Carers and Partners on these draft guidance and policies.

Please see related documents at the bottom of the page to download the draft policies and guidance.


  • Teachers
  • Early Years providers
  • Schools-based staff
  • School Governors
  • Parents
  • Guardians
  • Young Families
  • Older Children and Teenagers
  • Carers
  • Children
  • Young People
  • Social Care
  • Adults Social Care
  • Children and Young People Social Care


  • Children's Centres
  • Early Years
  • Nurseries
  • School Governance
  • Social Care
  • Social Care