All Age Carers Strategy Engagement Survey

Closed 24 Mar 2023

Opened 22 Feb 2023

Feedback updated 24 Jul 2023

We asked

As part of Havering’s upcoming All-Age Carers Strategy in partnership with North East London Integrated Care System, Havering Council carried out a consultation to ask Carers around the borough about their experience.

We also asked Carers whether they agreed on our proposed priorities that have emerged from other engagement activities.  These were:


  1.  Information and Advice
  2.  Identification and Assessments of Carers
  3.  Respite and a break from the caring role
  4.  Access to GP appointments
  5.  Hospital discharge pathways
  6.  Awareness of Carers (e.g. in the community, workplace and schools)

You said

125 Responses were received to the consultation.


  • Over 38% of respondents care for their partner, with a further 35% caring for their parent and most respondents live with the person they care for.


  • The three most popular proposed strategy priorities were:  Access to information and advice, Access to GP appointments and Respite/breaks from the caring role.  


  • The overall majority of respondents (100%) agreed with our proposed priorities.


  • 60% of respondents didn’t propose any additional priorities and some respondents suggested additional priorities such as Carers Allowance benefit increase and help applying for grants and benefits. 


  • 44% of respondents are registered on the Council’s Carers Register, with many others unaware this channel of support existed.


  • The majority of respondents (64%) are certain that their GP knew about their caring role.

We did

These results will now be included in a report to inform our new Carers Strategy.


Havering Council are currently refreshing our strategy for unpaid carers – which means we are mapping out of where we want to be in terms of supporting you over the next few years, and how we plan to get there.

We are extending the scope from the previous strategy to include young carers, to make an All Age Carers Strategy, which will be created jointly in partnership with health colleagues in the Integrated Care System (ICS).

A carer can be someone of any background, who helps out another person (usually a friend or relative) in their daily tasks and life.

We want to enable as much wider input as possible, and so this survey aims to collect opinions and ideas from all carers within the borough. We appreciate your time and help with shaping our strategy.

This survey is aimed at unpaid carers and their needs, although there will be a couple of questions about the person(s) you care for, to help us identify specific support needs for carers.


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